How does Comcast automate deployments without compromising the reliability of the X1 Platform for XFINITY TV?

Automated workflows are becoming a golden standard for delivering top quality products in an agile environment. End users expect to receive updates faster, and product teams need to move quickly without compromising on product quality. To achieve that on the engineering side, any new code change has to be Continuously Integrated into a central repository from multiple sources, followed by an automated Continuous Delivery process that streamlines releases.

This form of high frequency release cycles comes, of course, with some down sides. Increased rate of production errors, reduced staff efficiency and delayed deployments are three of the most notable concerns that arise. Engineering teams at enterprises and startups who overcome CI/CD obstacles are doing so by building a strategy across all stages of the software release cycle.

To learn about how Comcast is addressing these issues in their own automated deployment strategy, join our webinar.

How Comcast Automates Deployments

Continuous Delivery doesn’t end with automated deployments. Once your code is released to production, any minor imperfection or glitch can affect millions of users. It doesn’t make sense to sift through logs and rely on end user reports at scale.

To solve this, Comcast introduced an automated error resolution strategy. In this 30-minute webinar, John McCann, Executive Director of Product Engineering at Comcast, will share automated workflows that his teams are using to resolve errors the minute they appear and serve over 10M XFINITY Customers.

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The webinar will take place on August 22nd at 11 AM PST and will be hosted by John McCann, the Executive Director of Product Engineering at Comcast. John is a seasoned engineering leader, software architect, full-stack engineer and published video game developer with over 15 years of experience in software engineering and technology.

Webinar participants will also receive “The Complete Guide to Solving Java Errors in Production”. In this eBook we’ve gathered and analyzed data from over 600,000 Java projects, along with 1,000 production applications generating over 1 Billion log events, to give you the best methods to solving Java errors in production.

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