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Too often, engineering teams spend a large portion of their time on manual and repetitive tasks that draw their focus away from progress and innovation. It’s time to take back that time by automating the most common tasks in your workflow. We spoke to teams from companies like Intuit, Comcast, Zynga and more to collect the least known, yet most useful, automated workflows that these high-performing engineering teams use.

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Best Practices for Automating Your Workflow

We work with development teams from top-tier companies around the globe. For many of them, keeping their competitive edge means deploying code faster without compromising on quality. Automating deployment means more frequent releases and less time to debug.

This 30-minute session will cover how to automate the most common manual tasks Java developers perform:

  1. Error identification: Become proactive vs. reactive
  2. Root cause detection: Stop sifting through production logs
  3. Ticket creation: Eliminate manual tasks from your workflow


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The webinar will be hosted by Alex Zhitnitsky, the Director of Developer Relations at OverOps.


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