Hear from Intuit’s Staff Tools Engineer, Omer Azmon, how the team working on QuickBooks is automating root cause analysis

For the developers working in Intuit’s Small Business Group, ensuring quality in their flagship product means confronting the challenges of daily code releases and noisy logs. With frequent deployments, developers need to quickly identify where errors originate so they can be resolved without affecting user experience.

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Best Practices for Automating Your Workflow

Intuit’s flagship product, QuickBooks, is one of the biggest business units in the company. With over 200 developers, the engineering team’s main objective is to improve velocity and productivity for every engineer. Fast and feature-rich release cycles are critical to QuickBooks’ success.

In this talk, Omer Azmon, Staff Tools Engineer, will cover:

  • Manual workflows vs. Automated Root Cause (ARC) analysis
  • The architecture and tools Intuit uses behind the scenes
  • Actionable advice for improving engineering team productivity


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The webinar will be hosted by Intuit’s Staff Tools Engineer, Omer Azmon. His primary focus over the last two years has been the research and introduction of tools to increase developer productivity in areas such as root cause analysis, test development, and test coverage.


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