Stackifier was created to help developers ‘clean up’ their stack traces. It’s a web service where you can paste your Java/Scala stack trace and:

  • Filter out all calls coming from 3rd party libraries such as Apache or Spring. All 3rd party calls are grouped and grayed out.
  • Hide packages you wish to ignore.
  • Highlight the location of the exception.
  • Ah, and it looks better — simplified and clean.

Visit :


Stackifier Java
Filter out calls from 3rd party libraries


Remove other libraries/ packages



Scala users:

All Scala default packages are grouped and grayed out so you can focus on your code alone.
We ‘clean up’ your functions, variable and lambda names. No $anonfun$s.

‘Cleaning up’ Scala stack trace


Stackifier is an open and free utility. No need to register, start off by simply pasting your stack trace.

Let us know what you think!